& body process work in Midhurst and Chichester

Let go of  Tension and Stress

Would you like to experience an effective and genuinely holistic approach to feeling more relaxed and less stressed?

I offer effective work with body, mind and emotions to help your nervous system quieten down and help you come back into balance. Often when we have been stressed for a long time we are caught in circular patterns of over-stimulation which can be hard to get our of on our own.  A skilled Alexander teacher is able to use their hands to settle your nervous system, and from that quieter place can then help you learn you what you are doing that is keeping you in a stress cycle, and encourage you to let go and make choices that lead to peace rather than to stress!


Why work with the body?

Stress is not just in the mind. When we are in a chronically stressed state our body is flooded with stress hormones and our muscles are over-tensed, and this has knock on effects on our balance, posture and energy levels. At the same time our mind is worried and racing. The body and mind are locked in a feedback cycle where tension in one exacerbates tension in the other. Approaching the problem through the body is a way to bypass the thought patterns which keep us stressed, and allow the whole system to be soothed and settle so that we can look at the problem from a position of quietness rather than one of anxiety and tension.

Why work with the mind?

When we are chronically stressed it is a natural tendency to want to get out of that state and be quiet and relaxed again. Sometimes, however our efforts to change things can be misplaced and are part of what traps us in the cycle (I wrote a blog post about how this happens here). I can help you explore your beliefs about stress and relaxation and help you to understand what you are doing, and how you can stop.

Why work with emotions?

Sometimes there are underlying reasons for our stress, and it's difficult to make real changes without addressing these background causes. We may have life situations we are not handling in the way we want, or we may have unresolved upset or trauma from the past which keeps us caught in old ways of acting and reacting that keep our stress cycle going. Body Process Work is a powerful way to explore, release and transform some of these deeper issues if it is necessary.

Working with these three aspects of ourselves using Alexander Technique and/or Body Process Work is a powerful way to let go of stress and tension and to be free to enjoy life in a relaxed state.

I offer sessions in both Midhurst and Bosham. For more information or to book a trial, please contact me.



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