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Relaxed posture and poise

Would you like to improve the way your body looks and feels without straining to maintain a posture or position, or feeling you need to be pulling yourself into shape?

For over a hundred years the Alexander Technique has been offering a radical approach to improving movement, posture and poise, which involves letting go of tension and stress so that your body can naturally come into balance and alignment on its own — rather than trying to hold yourself in a set position.


The effect of lessons can be dramatic — often people gain a couple of centimetres in height as they let off the brakes and allow their postural system to function as it should.  They look taller, and more upright, open and aligned. They also feel more comfortable: having Alexander lessons has sometimes been compared to taking off a heavy rucksack you didn't even know you were carrying! Everything feels lighter and easier in a way many of us have not experienced since we were children. 

Having Lessons

Learning the Technique doesn't involve exercises or workouts, but simply learning principles that allow you to let go so that the body comes back into a natural sense of support, and applying those principles in your life. Through this process postural and 'core' muscles tone and lengthen naturally through being used the way nature intended. The Technique is best learned in one-to-one lessons. The teacher uses gentle guidance with their hands to show you how to 'let off the brakes' and allow your body to come back to balance. Generally 10-12 lessons is a good number to start to feel the benefits and to be able to apply the principles on your own.


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