in Midhurst and Chichester

How I Work

I have a range of tools and approaches to offer, and I'm happy to either guide the sessions or to work directly with any issue that you bring. These could range from dealing with pain and stress, to singing or playing a musical instrument, to emotional issues such as shyness, confidence or maintaining boundaries in relationships.

I take a 'whole-person' approach, recognising that mind, body and emotions can't be separated. I work from both an educational and therapeutic perspective: the Alexander Technique gives us principles to explore and put into practice for ourselves, but at the same time the hands-on and relational aspect of the work have considerable therapeutic benefits, encouraging peoples' systems to quieten down and let go of  hurt and trauma. As well as being a qualified Alexander teacher I am trained in neo-reichian bodywork and can offer a safe space to gently explore, release and integrate feelings from the present and past if that feels helpful.  I have regular supervision.

I hope that the work we do together will be both effective, and a journey and adventure! I believe that any form of growth work should be fundamentally enjoyable and life enhancing, and I aim for the work we do to reflects this as much as possible. You can read more about me and my background here.

Music and Voice

We can integrate voice work and music into the sessions we do if you wish. This offers a powerful way to look at how we may be limiting ourselves, and to find ways of being more open, expressive and connected to our bodies and feelings. 

Musicians and performers click here  for information about how the Alexander Technique can benefit you and performance.

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