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Dance of Awareness in Midhurst

A space to move, dance, explore and create....

Dance of Awareness™ is a group movement and dance practice which aims to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance. It is a great way to get into your body, release stuck energy, express and connect. There are no steps to learn, and all are welcome.  I run regular DoA sessions in Stedham, near Midhurst. 

Each Dance of Awareness session follows a cycle which reflects major themes of human development from pre-birth to about 5 years of age — sensing, grounding, expressing, releasing and connecting. Dancers follow this energetic wave, charging and discharging over the course of a session. This gives the mover the opportunity to re-experience their early development, discover old imprints, and explore new patterns of being, moving and relating.There will usually be a mixture of free-flowing exploration with a few more structured exercises exploring specific themes in greater depth.

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Dance of Awareness grew from several influences, notably body and dance centred psychotherapies, five Rhythms, and Authentic Movement. With regular practice it can be a valuable resource for promoting wellbeing, presence and self-awareness. It has been developing and growing since 2003, and the sessions are based on insights and experience from more than 1200 hours of DoA groups and workshops.

I am a licensed Dance of Awarness facilitator and run bi-monthly DoA sessions just outside Midhurst. The sessions are beginning at the end of Feb/early March 2018, and generally run on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at Stedham Pavillion at 7.30pm (see map below).  Dates will be put up regularly on our Facebook page, on our Meetup page, and on the events page of this website here

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The marker on the map below shows the entrance to Stedham Sports Field. Drive through the gate and follow the track to the pavillion at the end.

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