& body process work in Midhurst and Chichester

Greater confidence and self-expression

Would you like to feel more confident and comfortable in your skin, and be able to express yourself more freely? I offer several effective approaches which can be used together or separately to help you to feel more secure in yourself and to enable you to express more fully and easily.


Alexander Technique


Security and confidence is found in the body first! If our relationship with our body doesn’t offer us a tangible feeling of support and security then this will be reflected in how we experience ourselves in the world. Many of us have have lost the inner sense of support which comes when we are really able to let go and be present and grounded. Learning to trust our system to support us gives us an internal feeling of safety and of being held which results in greater confidence and the possibility of opening up and expressing ourselves more clearly.

Body Process Work


Body Process Work provides a space where we can safely experiment with new ways of being and relating to ourselves and others. In addition, sometimes a lack of confidence is linked to unhelpful scripts and memories from the past which are locked in the body and nervous system. Letting your body express and let go of such unneeded material in a safely held space can deeply shift how we view ourselves and act in the world.

Creative Voice work

More often than not, when we are feeling a lack of confidence this is reflected in the voice. We may feel unable to speak out clearly or to get our voice out into the world. Creative voice-work is a very effective tool to help us let go of limitations and express ourselves more freely. It can also help us to work through places in ourselves where our energy is blocked, and allow things to flow freely again.

Connection and Boundaries

Often a lack of confidence goes along with difficulty standing up for ourselves and, particularly, saying ‘no’ to others when we need to. Body Process Work can help us explore energetically how we create and maintain boundaries, how we may be sabotaging ourselves, and how we might change things for the better.


I offer Alexander Technique and Body Process Work in one-to-one sessions in Midhurst and Bosham near Chichester. See more about practicalities here.  I also run occasional workshops and classes which may be of interest, you can see upcoming events here.

For more information or to book a trial session, please contact me.