& body process work in Midhurst and Chichester

Body Process Work

Make friends with your body, express, release and integrate feelings, and move into more positive ways of being with yourself and others.

In addition to teaching Alexander Technique I also offer Body Process Work, which is a powerful complementary approach that helps you let go of stuck feelings, trauma and disconnection, and to transform life challenges in a fresh and effective way.  See here for more information. 

Body, thoughts and emotions cannot be separated from each other! Problems such as stress, low energy, depression and relationship difficulties are not just in the mind — they often also involve patterns of tension, muscular holding and lack of support at a physical level. Working with the physical, mental and emotional levels together can often enable positive change when other approaches get stuck. 

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Body Process Work is a powerful therapeutic approach to stuck feelings, trauma, disconnection and other life challenges. When we allow our bodies to fully feel and express, this can bypass the 'stuck record' of thoughts and beliefs and enable you to quickly let go of the past and open up to new experiences and ways of being. In the session I support you to move, vocalise and express, to explore your experience, and to find new approaches and attitudes to old problems.  I also bring an understanding of the body/mind gained as an Alexander Technique teacher into the work, which provides an additional set of powerful tools and principles for integration, growth and change.

Body Process Work is particularly helpful if you feel you are not very grounded or 'in your body' and would like to feel more present and connected. Conversely it can be very helpful for people whose have a strong need to express themselves physically rather than just through words, or who find that talking alone has not enabled them to get to the root of a problem.

Music, Voice and Movement

There is the option to work with music and sound in the sessions if you wish. There are various instruments around the studio which can be brought into the process in interesting ways, and this can be very powerful. We can also work directly with the voice, which is another powerful channel for self expression.

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