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Skills to look after yourself  as you get older

As we age we become more aware of how much we depend on our bodies, and how important it is to take care of them! This is also often a time when it can feel as if our body is letting us down more than it used to. It can get hurt more easily, and takes longer to heal, and we can start to lose the ease of movement, balance and easy upright posture that we had when we were younger.

The Alexander Technique is a proven resource which can help you to take care of your body as you age to help you avoid injury, and to maintain your posture, balance and poise.


Over the years many of us accumulate a great deal of muscular tension in our bodies simply from the stress and strain of everyday life, and this  can gradually result in distortion, poor alignment and pain. In addition the range of movement and of physical and emotional expression that we use may become more limited and constrained.  When we grow older the effects of this strain and limitation can start to become more noticeable.

Fortunately human beings are very resilient and it is never too late to make positive changes! In Alexander  lessons we look at your movement patterns and the way you hold yourself against gravity to see what you are doing that is putting your structure under unnecessary strain and tension. You become aware of what you are doing to pull yourself out of shape and learn how to let go from that into a new feeling of freedom and ease. This takes the pressure off nerves, muscles and joints, and allows the body to heal and return to balance. It's not uncommon for people to 'grow' a few centimeters in height in the course of having lessons, simply because they are no longer pulling themselves down and instead allowing themselves to expand and lengthen as nature originally intended!

In addition to this we can look at ways in which you may be limiting your potential for movement and expression, and explore how you can open up to new possibilities.






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